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What is a Torque Down® Pile?

Torque Down® Piles (TDPs) are full-displacement, concrete-filled, steel pipe piles with a proprietary closed-end conical tip. Using the right proportions of torque and crowd (downward pressure), TDPs are driven by literally screwing them into the ground with a large drill rig. As a result, the screw-driven method of the TDP presents several unique benefits when compared to other conventional driven-pile systems which use heavy impact or vibration.

What are the benefits?

  • Relatively quiet- noise is limited to the low hum of the drill rig diesel engine.
  • No vibration- increased safety due to simplicity of operation.
  • Fast- we often install 20 or more piles per day.
  • Cost effective- little to no spoils generated.

The steel pipe portion is typically 12.75-inch or larger outside-diameter. TDP tips typically include a single steel-helix plate and a site-specific configuration of cutting teeth designed for maximum installation efficiency. These patented elements, combined with unique installation procedures, make it possible for TDPs to penetrate very dense clays, sands, and weathered bedrock, providing exceptional deep-foundation support for any project.

Are TDPs right for my project?

In most cases, our clients choose Torque Down® Piles for their enhanced load capacity to size ratio, cost-effectiveness, rapid installation rate, overall operation safety, the lack of noise and vibration, and the ability to unobtrusively install TDPs in close proximity to existing, inhabited structures. While some of these benefits are universally valuable, individual project needs and requirements vary. TDPs have been proven particularly well suited for the following conditions:

  • Densely populated urban areas and business districts
  • Environmentally sensitive regions
  • High water tables
  • Contaminated soil
  • Loose fill
  • Highly compressible marine deposits

Torque Down® Piles are also ideal when piles must be installed in close proximity to:

  • Occupied and/or sensitive structures
  • High-tech, high-cost equipment
  • Aircraft, railroad and medical facilities
  • Utilities and other infrastructure

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